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  • When refreshing a desktop or a pool of desktops, you are basically bringing that VMs delta disk back into sync with the parents currently selected snapshot.  Meaning, if you have went to the parent made changes and created a new snapshot that you wanted to deploy (which is what I had done) and then perform a refresh it will not apply those changes.  It doesn’t change which snapshot you are using, only refreshes the desktops back to the currently selected one.


  • Similar to a refresh, however this is the function that allows you to chose a new snapshot within the parent VM, or a completely new parent VM for that matter.  This will peal through and provision that new replica VM and update all of your pooled desktops to reflect the changes made within the parent.


  • This option is quite a simple one.  Basically it just has a look at your configured datastores and desktops and moves them around on different datastores in order to best utilize the space allocated.

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