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Bad domain name error when adding in VMware View

The problem when adding  the domain in VMware View   Cause The DNS configuration is incorrect causing the View Composer & connection not to connect to the domain controller.   Resolution 1-check on Domain controller 2-check on DNS 3-check on authentication domain for composer server and connection.  

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ESXI CLI Command Part1

1-How to know ESXi build and version numbers. Command line –esxcli system version get Run Command 2-how to know date and time of when ESXi was installed Command line –esxcli system stats installtime get Run Command 3-how to Lists the local users created on the ESXi host Command line -esxcli system account list …

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Create a Bootable ESXi Installer USB Flash Drive

1-download Vmware ESXI  via this link Vmware ESXI  2- download software RUFUS 3-flash USB 4- Connect the USB flash drive to your computer 5- Open Rufus Software   6-Select your Device 7-Select your ISO file 8-Select MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers and Fat32 9-start 10-Select Yes when it asks to replace …

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          Refresh When refreshing a desktop or a pool of desktops, you are basically bringing that VMs delta disk back into sync with the parents currently selected snapshot.  Meaning, if you have went to the parent made changes and created a new snapshot that you wanted …

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